What Is The Most Prosperous City In The US?

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Prosperous is defined as “successful in material terms; flourishing financially.” And, while money isn’t everything, it’s safe to say we all want to be successful and wouldn’t mind flourishing financially. So where in the country is the best place to live if you want some prosperity? Well, the answer might surprise you. That’s because a new study – looking at …


Generation Z May Become Homeowners Earlier

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Generation Z – which is defined as people born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s – is quickly approaching adulthood and will soon face the decision of where to live and whether to rent or buy. But, according to a recent analysis, they may be facing challenges past generations didn’t. For example, the results of one study show that they …


Changes Come To The Luxury Home Market

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The high end of the real estate market has followed a different path since the financial crisis and housing crash. But while the luxury home market was able to avoid some of the ups-and-downs the rest of the market has endured, things are beginning to change. In fact, one recent analysis shows the number of homes for sale priced at …


How Builder Confidence Affects Home Prices

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If you’re considering becoming a buyer in today’s housing market, you’re likely wondering what’s happening with home prices. Well, the primary factor driving values upward is a lack of available homes for sale. Simply put, there are more buyers than homes in many markets. This, of course, means home sellers can get a higher price for their house but it …


Rising Incomes Help To Offset Affordability Challenges

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After the financial crisis and housing crash, there were plenty of homes for sale but very few interested buyers. Americans were financially unstable and worried about keeping their jobs. And while they may’ve liked to buy a home, it wasn’t the right time. Gradually, though, Americans became more secure in their jobs and more interested in buying a home. But, …


The Feature Millennials Are Most Willing To Go Without

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Unless you’re having a house built to your exact specifications, the house you end up buying will likely be a feature or two short of what you’d been fantasizing about. That’s because, you’re going to be choosing only from the homes that are on the market during the time you’re shopping. So the odds of finding each and every thing …


Homeowners Get A Better Grip On Home Values

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The mortgage process is really just about verifying and documenting the various aspects of the home’s sale. Whether it’s verifying the buyer’s income and debts or that the house doesn’t have a major problem with its foundation, there are a number of items that are typically among the checklist of things that need to be done before the deal is …


High-End Neighborhoods Make Most Popular List

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When searching online listings for homes to buy, it is sometimes difficult not to wander outside of your price range for a look at houses you’d love but can’t afford. This is true no matter what your particular price range might be. There will always be a house just out of your reach that’ll catch your curiosity. And the internet …